Jill Stein Speaks Out Against Oppression and War

Jacqui Deveneau shared Jill Stein’s live video.
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Jill Stein was live.

Welcome to tonight’s Fireside Chat. Tonight we take stock of some of the latest crises we face as the empire teeters at the brink & the neoliberal order melts down. And we’ll talk about resistance that’s sweeping the planet – how grassroots heroes are leading the charge for an America and a world that works for all of us.
We’ll look at the attack on our civil liberties and constitutional rights that’s reaching a fevered pitch. Press freedom is under assault from all sides. Protest movements from Standing Rock to Black Lives Matter are being ludicrously attacked as alleged Russian plots to “sow chaos”, and protestors are facing arbitrary arrest and brutal sentencing threats. US wars since 2001 have cost $23,000 per taxpayer, and a child dies every 18 minutes in Yemen from the US-supported Saudi war and blockade. Meanwhile, people of courage are fighting back – Standing Rock Sioux call for charges to be dropped against remaining DAPL cases; a sitting Indigenous legislator has gone Green in Maine; another Judge has blocked Trump’s executive order to withhold funding from Sanctuary Cities; and over 100,000 people have called Congress in the past day to support net neutrality. How are you feeling the pressure of endless war abroad & austerity at home? How are you fighting back? Please join the conversation, and build the force for resistance and transformation!