GPAX Statement on Suppression of Gaza Anti-War Protests and Dissent

The Peace Action Committee of the Green Party of the United States strongly objects to the U.S. government’s actions to suppress anti-war protests and dissent directed against Israel’s indiscriminate and devastating assault on Gaza. Specifically, we object to:

  • Attempts to equate opposition to Israeli military action with antisemitism
  • Characterization of anti-war protesters as supporters of terrorists
  • Proposed national and state legislation to criminalize opposition to Israeli government policy
  • Efforts to outlaw boycott, sanction, and divest activities directed against Israel

The cumulative effect of these political actions is to undermine the foundational First Amendment constitutional right to free speech of U.S. citizens. Our Constitution does not enshrine protection of a foreign government as a fundamental principle. The American people should not be compelled to submit to government thought police because of the political power of the Israel lobby.

As the brutal assault on Gaza continues and the flow of horrific images from the war zone adds to the mounting evidence of Israeli war crimes, attempts by the U.S. government to suppress anti-war actions and dissent call into question the obligation of our government to defend the liberties of its own citizens. Accusing those who seek peace in the Mideast of antisemitism is a despicable affront to anti-war activists and a shameful display of unprincipled Israeli lobbying power in Washington.

The Green Party of the U.S. is the party of peace, and thus we oppose the actions of the uni-party in Washington that sustain the terrible assault on Gaza. We will continue to support and participate in demonstrations against the Gaza war, and we applaud the courage of students in protesting against this war. We reject the assertion that demonstrations against the destruction of Gaza and slaughter of its inhabitants are antisemitic. While intending to protect Israel, Washington is making a mockery of our nation’s claim to be a champion of human rights and freedom. The best protection for Israel is a just peace, not a genocidal war.