GPAX Webinars

Controlling the Menace of High-Tech Weapons

This GPAX presentation at the GP annual meeting (8/11/2021) covered a new generation of high-tech armaments, including space-weapons, autonomous weapons, and cyber-weapons. In the absence of effective arms control measures, these weapons pose serious threats to world peace.


Biden’s Wars: The First 100 Days

GPAX assembled a panel to discuss continuing warfare, overt and covert, in the early months of the Biden administration.  Speakers addressed U.S. involvement in armed conflict, the Cold War against China, economic warfare, and Cyber-war. The presentation took place on 6/9/2021.


Racing to Ruin: The Consequences of Resumption of the Nuclear Arms Race

GPAX presentation at the 2020 GP annual meeting (7/9/2020) describes the dangers of the U.S. revival of the nuclear arms race.