Peace Pledges

Peace is one of the Four Pillars of the Green Party.  As Greens we agree to take actions that will lead to Peace and Non-violence.  

In response to our call to support Peace and Non-violence the candidates below have signed the pledge for 2020.  To read the pledges specific to the kind of office, choose the link.  If you wish to join in support of our pledges, please leave a comment at the end.

Candidates for President of the United States

Howie Hawkins, US President

Angela Walker, US Vice President

Candidates for U.S. House of Representatives

Jean-Michel Creviere, US House, Michigan

Rodolfo Cortes Barrigan, US House, CA

Hal Ridley, Jr., US House, TX

Michael Kerr, US House, CA 

Alex DiBlasi, US House, OR

Daniel Hoffay, US House, CA

Cassandra Martineau, US House, CT

Justin Paglino, US House, CT

Tom Wilda, US House, IL

Candidates for U.S. Senate

Madelyn Hoffman, US Senate NJ

David Collins, US Senate, TX

David Black, US Senate, IL

Ibrahim Taher, US Senate, OR

Marcia Squier, US Senate, MI

Ronnie Henley, US Senate, TN

Candidates for State and Local Offices

Robert E. Smith, House of Delegates, WV

Carl Lundgren, Assembly Member, NY

Barbara Kidney, Assembly Member, NY

Benjamin Meiklejohn, State rep, ME

Marissa Prizgint, Township Clerk, MI

Marco Bulnes, State Rep, MI

John Anthony La Pietra, State Rep, MI

Eric Borregard, County Commissioner, MI

Steve Breedlove, City Council, CA

Paul Pitino, City Council, CA

Sherry A. Wells, State Rep, MI

Brian Gay, Registrar of Voters, CT

Richard  L. Weiss, Attorney General, PA

Timothy Runkle, State Treasurer, PA

Jay Walker, State Rep, PA

Rich Whitney, County Board, IL

Jessica Bradshaw, County Circuit Clerk, IL

Mary L. Sanders, State Senate, CT

Hunter Crow, City Council, TX

Joshua Hellman, County Board, IL

Susan Odgers, WSU Board of Governors, MI

Tom Mair, State Board of Education, MI

Stephen Boyle, State Rep, MI

Julián Villarreal, State Senate, TX

Noel A. Rivera, State Rep, PA

Those elected to Federal Office have a responsibility to act in ways that will promote peace and justice globally.  The Green Party Peace Action Committee requests that Green Party candidates for Federal Office take the pledge appropriate to the office they are seeking from the list above.

We encourage all Greens to ask every candidate running for Federal Office to also sign the pledge.  Send a copy to your Congress Person and Senators.  Challenge them to be the leaders for Peace.

If you are candidate wishing to sign the Pledge, please do the following steps:

      • Print out the Pledge
      • Fill in the blanks
      • Sign the Pledge
      • Make an electronic copy of the signed Pledge.  Either scan or take a picture with a smart phone.
      • Send the electronic copy to

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