Books – Nuclear


The Making of the Atomic Bomb by Richard Rhodes

Award-winning detailed study of the birth of the atom bomb, with deep insights into the personalities and motivations of the key players

Dark Sun: The Making of the Hydrogen Bomb by Richard Rhodes

Definitive detailed history of the development of the h-bomb and the origins of the cold war

Building the H Bomb: A Personal History By Kenneth W Ford

A memoir written by a member of the team that developed the hydrogen bomb

Russian Strategic Nuclear Forces by Pavel Podvig

Comprehensive reference on Russian nuclear weapons

On Thermonuclear War By Herman Kahn

The first extensive treatment of strategic concepts governing use of nuclear weapons

On Limited Nuclear War in the 21st Century by Jeffrey

Larsen and Kerry Kartchner

A study of new strategic issues arising from the proliferation of nuclear weapons among smaller states.

The Evolution of Nuclear Strategy, Third Edition by Lawrence Freedman

The standard work on the history of nuclear strategy

The Doomsday Machine by Daniel Ellsberg

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An insider’s revelations of the extreme danger posed by past and present nuclear war plans

Nuclear Statecraft: History and Strategy in America’s

Atomic Age by Francis J. Gavin

A reappraisal of the history of nuclear policy making aimed at guiding current policy.

Eating Grass: The Making of the Pakistani Bomb by Feroz Khan

The history of Pakistan’s nuclear weapons program

Nuclear Deterrence in the 21st Century: Lessons from the Cold War for a New Era of Strategic Piracy by Thérèse Delpech

A review of deterrence theory from the cold war to the current era.

Analyzing Strategic Nuclear Policy by  Charles L. Glaser

Argues for the reassessment of American nuclear strategy and force requirements

Nuclear Strategy in the Modern Era: Regional Powers and International Conflict by Vipin Narang

Examines the reasoning and deterrence consequences of regional power nuclear strategies

War Stars by Bruce Franklin

An insightful review of the dangerous quest for superweapons